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Despite coming of age at any given time as soon as the united states of america happens to be waging two wars, reasonably few Millennials-just 2% of males-are army veterans. At a comparable phase of these life period, 6% of Gen Xer males, 13% of Baby Boomer males and 24% of quiet men had been veterans. (See chapter 2 when you look at the complete report)

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Politically, Millennials had been among Barack Obama’s strongest supporters in 2008, supporting him for president by a lot more than a two-to-one ratio (66% to 32%) while older grownups were offering simply 50% of these votes towards the nominee that is democratic. This is the biggest disparity between more youthful and older voters recorded in four years of contemporary election day exit polling. Furthermore, after years of low voter participation by the young, the turnout space in 2008 between voters under and older than 30 had been the tiniest it was since 18- to 20-year-olds had been given the ability to vote in 1972. (See chapter 8 into the report that is full

Nevertheless the governmental enthusiasms of Millennials have actually since cooled -for Obama and their message of modification, for the Democratic Party and, potentially, for politics it self.

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